Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

(Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi box and other android boxes)

Instructions Androidbox
1. Download any app from the playstore you wish to use, just search IPTV you find plenty.

2.  You can log in in two different ways. Paste the m3u link you received from us and start watching. Second is through Xtream Codes login which you looks like this.

Portal Url: http://yourportal:8080



Press “ADD USER”

Now you’re done!

NOTE! You will find your username and password in your m3u link it looks like this for example:

http://allstarztv.com:8080/get.php?username= V2dD3vQWY8 & password = T3g6BcnuvH & type = m3u_plus & output = ts

Where: V2dD3vQWY8 is your username and T3g6BcnuvH is your password.

Where: http://allstarztv.com:8080 is your portal.

Done you’re ready to start watching TV.

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